Making Robots Accessible to the Creative Industry

Robots in Architecture

The Association for Robots in Architecture was founded in 2010 with the goal of making robots accessible to the creative industry. It has since become clear that individualization, customization and small lot sizes are not exclusive needs of the creative industry, but relevant to many other fields, making the Association a highly transdisciplinary network of robot users around the world.

Our members include over 100 universities in various fields of research & development, large companies in construction, aeronautics, and fashion, as well as innovative startups and engaged individuals who want to use robotics beyond the state of the art.

This includes large-scale 3D printing of plastics, concrete, and metals, the automation of the production of geometrically highly-complex building components, the development of on-site microfactories up to the production of entire rockets.

Membership benefits


Get access to the full feature set of KUKA|prc!

KUKA|prc is the accessible robot programming and simulation solution using visual programming to easily create non-standard, innovative robotic processes!

Get a significantly reduced registration fee for the ROB|ARCH conference series!

ROB|ARCH is among the leading conferences where academic research, companies and the creative industries intersect to discuss cutting edge-research on robotics through both talks and hands-on workshop sessions.

Receive free access to the ROB|ARCH eBooks and the Springer Construction Robotics journal!

Student Membership


Yearly membership fee, no automatic extension. Individual license for KUKA|prc to an individual student without institutional support. May be used on multiple, private PCs.

Regular Membership


Yearly membership fee, no automatic extension. No seats limit for KUKA|prc - can be made available to all staff and students. For non-commercial and research use, such as at universities, FabLabs, and hobbyists.

Commercial License


Commercial licenses are provided through the Robots in Architecture Research LLC.

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Our members and KUKA|prc users include...

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Parametric Robot Control

KUKA|prc allows you to program, simulate, and control KUKA robots from within Grasshopper’s accessible visual programming interface, enabling you to define innovative robotic processes beyond the state of the art that incorporate mass customization and individualization.


Get KUKA|prc

You can immediately download the free Community Version via Food4Rhino. To gain access to the full feature set, get a non-commercial membership or a commercial license!


Reliable Simulation

KUKA|prc's robot simulation has been finely tuned since 2009 to create a reliable digital twin of a KUKA robot's motion planning.


Native Grasshopper Integration

Using Grasshopper's visual programming, you can work within a single environment to tackle both design and fabrication, with the robotic simulation reacting seamlessly to changes of the initial data or geometry. Automate your production processes by utilizing KUKA|prc through Rhino.Compute.


Broad Robot Support

KUKA|prc supports a wide range of six and seven axis KUKA robots, with Sunrise, KRC1, 2, 4, and 5 controllers. Use the same software for your low-payload robot or 1000kg KUKA Titan.


Real-Time Control

Through mxAutomation, you can control your KUKA robot through an Ethernet connection. Create adaptive toolpaths that react to sensor inputs or send your individualized product directly to the robot, no KRL file needed.


External Axes

Create complex, robotic systems that consist of the robot plus up to four external axes, from rotary positioners to linear rails.


User-Friendly Licensing

We support the community with a free Community Version of KUKA|prc that generates KRL code, while providing advanced functionality (external axes, CNC code import, additional output languages like Sunrise, KUKA.CNC, headless components...) to members and commercial users. Non-commercial memberships do not have a limit of seats and can be used by all staff/students.


Link to External Software

Program elaborate parametric designs - or easily import data from e.g. Fusion 360 CAM or 3D printing slicing software. Use Grasshopper's ecosystem to combine robotics with machine learning or domain-specific tools, or even run it within Autodesk Revit.


Direct Developer Support

A robotic project is never just about the software, but the entire robotic setup. We are experts when it comes to developing innovative robotic processes from initial concept to operation and believe in sharing knowledge.